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Some of the drawings from last night’s doodles for donations stream.  :)

Thanks again to everyone who participated!  It’s definitely going to help a lot.  ^__^

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Doodles for Donations!

Posted 5 days ago

Doodles for Donations stream this Friday!


Hello all!  

Noodle and I have fallen on some hard times, so I’ll be doing a Doodles for Donations stream this whole Friday!  It’s pay what you want for whatever!  

Mind, there are a few limitations to what I’ll draw.  No hardcore porn, gore, etc.  A little near nudity, saucy pictures, that sort of thing is OK. 

Get your ideas ready, we’ll be kicking it off in a few days!

Join us this weekend!

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On a personal note…

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Okay, so…

Change to art blog, but tag things and offer searchable tags so that the blog will show NSFW/SFW versions, as well as just art or art+personal posts?

This sound good?

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Thinking of shifting this to a straight art blog

Instead of reblogs and personal bullshit, figure I’ll post artwork of commissions and stuff I’m working on that doesn’t pertain to Stalkerloo.  That includes NSFW/Ecchi material (NOT PORN).

What you guys think?

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The Dash/Soaring commission looks really nice, you're doing great with the colors, and the perspective looks different. Makes me want to practice drawing again. If they're open at this time, what are your commission prices?
Anonymous asked

They are open at the moment, but I’m a little swamped with them!  I’ll have a commission pricelist up soon, though, and then slots.

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Friend Shinzm got me this as an early birthday present.



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Quick commission piece.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Here you go.  Commission peice!  Soarin and Dash on a date, flying through the rainbow falls.  X3